Exciting new development plans
We are in the process of setting up an Arts & Drop-In Centre (to be called The Studio) in the former Headmaster's Classroom at the north end of the premises attached to the Old School Hall.

This part of the building has only been used for storage for the last 25 years!


Planned Stages of development

Stage 1 - Create replacement Stores
Create new stores for Pre-School and Scouts
-- Status - Complete
Repair realign and level existing sheds
-- Status - Complete

Stage 2 - Gut Headmaster's Room
Spec the work, Get Quotes, Action
-- Status -

Stage 3 - Repair Headmaster's Room
Spec the work, Get Quotes

-- Status - In progress

Apply for grants & funding, 
-- Status -
Asbestos removal grant received from MVDC January 2020,

-- Status - Asbestos removed May 2020.

Walls, floor, woodwork, ceiling and electrics renovation and replacement

-- Status - In planning / getting quotes.

Stage 4 - Create Arts/Drop-In Centre
Spec the work, Get Quotes, Look for grants & funding, Action
-- Status -
Waiting for completion of renovations

Getting Help
We need people to help us in a number of areas:
- General Builders

     - Removal of old suspended ceiling

     - Creation of small WC room

     - Repair (or replace) one large window

- Flooring contractors

     - Repairs to floor

     - Laying of new floor

- Electricians

     - Installation of lighting and power-points

-  Carpenters

     - Repair and re-install various woodwork

- Plumbers

     - Extension of CH system

     - Installation of WC, washbasin & waste 

- Painters and Decorators

     - Make good and paint doors, walls and ceilings

If you think you can help in any capacity, have a skill we might wish to draw on, or have a business which might be interested in bidding for any of the work, please contact:

John Foskett, Chairman

Contractors Needed


for work quotes