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All initial enquiries should be made with our Halls Manager Linda Foskett.

Linda has access to an electronic diary which manages hall availability. (This diary is only accessible by the Halls Manager & Chairman).

Contact Linda (Halls Manager):
Tel: 07712 224681

Booking Process
We are trying to make the booking process both simple and online. New documents have been created and Word versions are available opposite to download and complete.

To book one of the North Holmwood Village Hall facilities

1. Contact the Halls Manager to find out hall availability and hire fees
2. Either 

- Print and complete the following documents / forms, or 
- Request printed forms from the Halls Manager

A copy of each of the following documents is required:
- Conditions of Hire (One-off or Regular as appropriate)
- Hall Hire Agreement (One-Off or Regular as appropriate)
- Safety & Security 
- Fire Notice 

- Day of Hire Processes

- Advertising & GDPR (if advertising is required)
- Hire Agreement - External Facilities (if items taken off the premises)

(Please be aware of our guides on Counter Terrorism and Safeguarding vulnerable users, both of which are available as downloads)
3. Arrange to meet with the Halls Manager to return the completed forms and pay any agreed deposit.

The latest version of the forms and documents you will need are available online - click on the appropriate ones in the list opposite.

Payments can be made by:
Bank Transfer
Account Name: North Holmwood Village Hall
Bank: Barclays
Branch Sort Code: 20-23-97
Account no: 70052736
Please note your organisation name on the transaction to help us identify your payment 
Make the cheque payable to North Holmwood Village Hall
Please make this a last resort! Thanks.

(Note: North Holmwood Village Hall is unable to accept payment by debit or credit cards - sorry!)

Linda will advise you regarding what to pay, when and any deposit which is required.

Notes to Regular (weekly) hirers
- Payments must be made on a monthly basis in arrears within 28 days of the end of each calendar month (unless agreed otherwise with the Halls Manager)
- All payments must be accompanied by a specific list of dates of hire to which the payment relates - please e-mail or post a written payment breakdown to the Halls Manager

- Please do not just put e.g. 'Spring term' or no. of sessions as we need to reconcile this to the diary

If you have any dispute about payments, please contact the Treasurer or Chairman (see opposite).

Bookings Forms & Notices
The following forms and documents can be downloaded as a Word documents by clicking the appropriate links (Revised 8th December 2022):

Fire Notice (by venue):

   - Fire Notice (Sculptor's Hall)

   - Fire Notice (Old School Hall)

   - Fire Notice (The Studio)

General (all hires)

   - Safety & Security

   - Day of Hire Processes & Contacts

   - Payments

   - Advertising & GDPR

   - Counter Terrorism & Security

   - Guide to safeguarding vulnerable users

One-Off Hires (including periodic hires)

   - Hire Agreement - One-Off Hires

   - Conditions of Hire - One-Off Hires

Regular Hires (usually weekly)

   - Hire Agreement - Regular Hires

   - Conditions of Hire - Regular Hires

External Facilities Hire

   - Hire Agreement - External Facilities

Policy Regarding Competing Businesses

   - Business Ethics

If you require PDF versions or hardcopy of any of the documents please contact the Halls Manager. Thanks.

Bookings Limitations
Please note that there are a few limitations on the bookings we can take, and some policy / ethical considerations:

- Due to local by-laws and being in a predominantly residential area, we cannot let the halls for adult birthday parties or discos (sorry!)
- We can and do allow hires for Children's birthday parties
- We can and do allow hire for wedding receptions etc.
- The Sculptor's Hall is reserved for sports and dance activities and is not available for parties
- No regular hirer will be displaced from a booked slot for a one-off hire (except for government requirements such as polling days)
- We operate a policy of not allowing more than one company / person to offer the same or closely similar activities without agreement with the existing activity provider - see Business Ethics document (above).

- We may allow a one-off hire to a competing business providing that it is for a private event and not to publicly promote competing offerings to that of a regular hirer.

Halls Manager: Linda Foskett
Tel: 07712 224681

Chairman, Website Manager, Sculptor's Hall and The Studio Administrator: John Foskett
Tel: 01306 883808


Old School Hall Administrator: Jennie Lambert

​Tel: 07931 212006

Treasurer: Debbie Steenhuis

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