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Key renovation and improvement works over recent years have been:

The Studio - A brand new self-contained 3rd venue has been created from the former Headmaster's Classroom which had been used for storage for over 25 years.

Provision of Cycle Racks

New cycle racks have been installed at the front of the building

New Kitchens - Both the Old School Hall & Sculptor's Hall have new fully fitted kitchens and The Studio has its own kitchenette.
Separate CH systems for the Old School Hall & The Studio and Sculptor's Hall - two separate central heating / hot water systems were installed replacing the single ancient old boiler.
Floors - The floors in the Old School Hall and Committee Room were sanded down and re-finished with heavy duty protective varnish.
Old School Hall & Committee Room redecoration - These two areas were repainted and are now subject to regular touch-up painting to keep them looking good.

Sculptor's Hall area redecoration - The corridor has been newly repainted. The Sculptor's Hall walls have been repainted and work is now in progress to repaint with white gloss all the doorframes and doors.
Lighting - New strip lights have been installed in the Old School Hall area. The Sculptor's Hall, corridor and main entrance areas have had their fluorescent tube lighting replaced with energy efficient LEDs and new housing. New Christmas roofline edge lighting.
Wifi - Free wifi with internet access has been installed with range extenders to enable usage throughout the premises.
Storage - Sheds were installed behind the Sculptor's Hall and outside the Old Boiler Room. Pre-School had new purpose-built storage at the north end of the Old School hall and North Entrance. Dorking Bridge Club had a new store created in the entrance area. 
Car Parking - Replacement of the bank separating the Sculptor's Hall and car park with a wall and conversion of the grassed area on the west side side of the car park have resulted in a much larger area for parking which, with considerate parking has increased the capacity from 9 cars to 15 spaces.
Front Area - The access area at the front of the building has been closed by lockable barriers either end to prevent access by cars and a 'safe path' constructed across this currently badly damaged area. 
Electrics - Remedial and replacement of most electrical components.
Sun Blinds have been fitted to the high level windows on the West and North sides of the Sculptor's Hall to prevent dazzle late afternoons.
External Doors - The North & South Old School Hall entrance doors have been stripped of their 1990s veneer addition and restored. Restoration of the main front entrance and disabled doors will take place before the end of 2023.

External Roofline work works

Repair and renovation of the roofline areas is nearing completion with the last section to be completed at the end of 2023.

Drainage improvements to Car Park

New drainage has been installed to alleviate the flooding in wet weather .

Front decking Replacement

The rotten front decking has been replaced with a new soft-play surface.

Mole Valley District Council - Our thanks go to Mole Valley District Council for their amazing support during Covid and in the awarding of a grant in 2023 which supplemented our own finances enabling us to the achieve the following key improvements this year:

  • Roofline works

  • New cycle racks

  • Replacement of the decking at the front with a soft-play area for children

  • Car park drainage works

  • Renovation works on the front and disabled doors.

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